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Who Is Brian Schalkx

– Digital Marketing Veteran since 1995

– 2021 Google – still SEO but it is going to be called “Search Experience Optimization”

– 2010 SEO Career

– 1999 MNP – Myers * Norris *Penny Chartered Accountancy
** Marketing, advertising, competitive intelligence analyst, Biz Mngmt, finance and financial forecasting.
***Suzanne Edelweiss – MBA Mentor – Calgary Alberta @MNP***

– 1997 Accounting Graduate (Honour Role)

– 1995 First Ecomm Store

– 1992 Import / Export Biz Owner

Who and How Do I Help You

Simply put I help you raise your organic visibility in the Search Engines so people find you.

Think of it this way…
Reverse Engineer Your Competitors”

I help online businesses that find themselves stuck trying to drive organic traffic to their site and rank higher in the SERP’s.

Many webpages are stuck on page 2,3 or 4 on the search engines or even the bottom of page one. Or worse, they don’t rank at all.

Services include having pages indexed for search, find orphaned pages, technical audits, internal linking, external linking.

Keyword research, mind mapping of keyphrases and keywords, digital PR, PPC Audits, entity audits, content optimization, on-page SEO, off-page SEO.

WordPress site speed optimization plus many other processes.

It all depends on what your site needs. There is no one set plan or fix-all.

Services are tailored to your site-specific needs.

A professional site audit is your first step.


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