It’s About YOU… But why?

When a visitor lands on a website it’s not about the page owner. It’s about you… the VISITOR.

The visitor is a potential new client and they are looking at all resources to feel the business out. All the while asking themselves the subliminal question…

Are WE a good fit?

Hello, I’m Brian Schalkx

Let’s take a quick minute here to go through what you just experienced above.

User Experience Is Digital Human Nature

As you may have noticed, the focus is on user experience ( the visitor ).

If the visitor to your website is not considered, you must ask yourself this

Why would a visitor want to click on something on my website?

All websites must give a clear path (direction) to what the next step is. Humans are creatures of habit. We all like what is familiar to us.

So, give it to them… (book free consult today)

Offer people what they are expecting next, even if they don’t know what it is yet. ( Don’t let that keep you up at night. That’s what I’m for. )

As business owners we have all struggled with this.

Take A Three Thousand Foot View

Don’t be too close to the trees to see the forest.

Take a three thousand foot view and dial back in. You will be surprised at what you may see.

We are all guilty of wasting precious time and resources trying to give people what WE want.

And that is the wrong approach.

You need to address site visitors questions and or pain points as a solution provider but also …

Your website must give visitors a clear concise path to follow.

If you don’t, they will get frustrated and leave to never return.

They won’t even remember who you were. (past tense intentional)

You need to strike a balance where both parties benefit.

One small statement to human nature… one GIANT click for you

Brian Schalkx
(….book your free consult today…)