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Master organic search engine optimization via on-page seo of your articles and blog posts. Promoting your articles will also help being found in search results which will increase site traffic. But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Currently only auditing PPC ad expenditures. Find out how Big G is spending your ad budget. Better answer is how they are wasting your budget. Afterall, they get paid per click they don’t care if you are not getting targeted traffic. Remember those emails that say increase your budget and get approx. this many more clicks. How come it doesn’t say this is how many conversions you could get? Cuz big G gets paid by the click!!! See, they don’t care about you. They care about THEIR bottom line NOT yours.

No. Strictly search engine optimisation.


Most certainly. Working with WordPress speed optimization is a battle unto its own. This is an area which I’ve spent countless hours to master.

Sure you can but you need a firm understanding of ALL the following:

  • Make a list of all the topics you want to create
  • Prepare a massive list of medium and longtail keywords based on the topics you have chosen
  • Build pages for each topic and inter-link them BUT do not get it wrong or you will tank your rankings
  • Set up an informative blog – no one likes bland content
  • Plan a very consistent blog posting schedule
  • Create an external link building plan ie. guest posts – but be careful as this can hurt you as well
  • Compress all image files before uploading them to your site and configure webp on your server
  • Keep up to date on all SEO news or you will be left behind by your competitors
  • Theoretically be prepared to learn for 1 – 2 years from your mistakes before seeing significant results
  • If in doubt of your skill set please don’t attempt this on your own
  • Reach out to a professional SEO consultant

Find what keywords and keyphrases your competitors are ranking for. There are many seo tools available and you’ll have to find the one that fits you best. Unfortunately this takes more time and money than people realise. Frankly, it would be cheaper in the end cost wise to hire a person like me to do it for you as you learn. This way you also get free tips and tricks along the way as a paid client.

Yes but… Only if you agree your business is an investment worthy of investing in.

Remember the old saying what you don’t know won’t harm you?

Well, in SEO… what you don’t know will kill your business potential slowly and quitely all the while your blindly helping your own demise.

In other words, if you don’t open the hood of your vehicle how do you plan on tuning up your engine?

In order for your website to fire on all cylinders and run like a fine tuned machine you need to know what is going on within it.

The only way of doing this is getting a SEO Technical Audit.

This is your websites diagnostic checkup list that enables a SEO (aka web-mechanic) to bring you to top performing condition.

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