SEO Is A Fine Art Of Page Discovery

If You Are Not Found On Search Engines

Do You Exist?

Why Is SEO Important

The reason seo is important is you are giving the searcher exactly what they are seeking. Search engine optimization is Search Query Discovery.

Organic search has the highest ROI of all online marketing mediums. It delivers the best qualified traffic that has the highest potential to convert into leads and or sales.

Every day potential customers in your local area are typing keywords into the search engines to find products and services. Wouldn’t you like them to find you instead of your competition? Of course you would.

You will also want your web page to be on the first page on all search engines.

If you are not listed on page one

Your website may as well not exist.


Only 5% of searchers make it to page 2 of search results

That is why you need to invest in Search Marketing

fish jumping from fish bowl to another fish bowl

The Top Three Things People Fear About SEO

1. That they will get locked into a contract. Nope, work is performed on a per project basis… Period

2. As a business owner you may worry you don’t know enough about seo. It’s my job to help you to understand that Pandora box

3. Unsure of results – Keywords, phrases, entities, semantic word associations, internal linking and backlinks are the corner stones of all seo marketing. This is where your seo professional MUST take the time to educate for the purpose of full transparency.

I only offer transparent services that help you attain higher search rankings to solidify your placement to ward off competitors.

SEO Services For Start Ups

SEO is an uphill battle for startups. Unless you’re in a new or extremely niche industry with low competition, ranking your sites pages will take more time than an established low ranking site.

Sorry about the bad news but its better that someone tells you the truth now instead of buying services that seem to under deliver. When in essence they’re not.

It takes time for Google to learn about you and to rank you. There are so many metrics at play and it takes search engines months to build a baseline about your business.

The best advise for newly formed businesses is to focus on getting your brand to rank. Your brand should be all over the first page of Google for your brand name.

Branded keywords / phrases are of the highest value. Your business name… your domain name, is your brand.

Services Break Down for All Start Ups

SEO services for start ups

check mark in a yellow circle Google My Business and Maps For Business Optimizations

check mark in a yellow circle 20 citations that you control – socials, external blogs, video

check mark in a yellow circle Press releases- solidify you’re a real business to the engines

check mark in a yellow circle 15 Local citations – this is to dial in your locale proximity

check mark in a yellow circle 15 Competitor citations – match link parity power to rank

These services are all designed to get your brand ranking. However, this is only the beginning.

Cement Established Businesses in Serp’s

Established businesses have a real good chance at competing for top level searches in organic results. More often than not large websites can have a number of technical optimization issues. Some things to consider is poor internal linking, under-utilized schema and site speed to name a few.

Things just happen like, Oh yeah I’ll get back to that… never did. We forget. We’re all guilty of it but its a pain to find every little thing when you have a business that needs you in order to succeed.

This is where the recommendation for a technical audit comes in.

With established websites on-page optimizations and user metric analysis will identify areas to capitalize on.

Affordable Local SEO Services

If you were to search for a product or service using a city name, for example Search Engine Optimization Grande Prairie. If you see a map with three listings below it then you will require local SEO services. In the SEO industry it is known as the map pack or 3 pack.

You need to optimize your Google My Business listing by adding photos and reviews to your listings. You will need citations with your business name, address and phone number known as N.A.P

Local SEO Services

check mark in a yellow circleGoogle my Business Optimization

check mark in a yellow circlePhoto optimized & upload to GMB

check mark in a yellow circleSetup a review & feedback system

check mark in a yellow circle30 Citations

check mark in a yellow circle50 Citations

check mark in a yellow circle75 Citations

On Page SEO

SEO is comprised of three categories as follows – On-Page, Off-Page and User Metrics.

On-page is the foundational starting point for good page optimization. If the on-page is done correctly everything else falls into place with less effort but by no-means easy . (On-Page SEO (LINK) begins with proper keyword research and then write about the topic on the page you are wanting to rank.

Competitor research plays a vital role in this as well as everyone is competing to obtain similar metrics.

You certainly cannot forget about SEO copywriting. Weaving your keywords and phrases like SEO Services seamlessly into your content to create engaging copy is an art unto itself.

When all this comes together it will help keep bounce rates lower and conversion rates higher. These two metrics alone are important to help increase leads and or sales.

On Page SEO Services

check mark in a yellow circleKeyword research

check mark in a yellow circleCompetitor research

check mark in a yellow circleAdditional optimizations

check mark in a yellow circleSEO Copy writing per kw